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Redline Film

Redline jetzt legal online anschauen. Der Film ist aktuell bei Sony verfügbar. Alle fünf Jahre findet das härteste und mörderischste Autorennen des Weltalls statt. Mit einem normalen Rennfilm hat das hier kaum noch etwas zu tun. 4. Fazit >​Redline<. Ein Film wie ein Trip. Man wird erschlagen von dem, was einem hier gegen. This Movie has reminded me why I started watching Anime in the first place. I usually decide on how good a film is by it's storyline and characters, and while this.


Redline jetzt legal online anschauen. Der Film ist aktuell bei Sony verfügbar. Alle fünf Jahre findet das härteste und mörderischste Autorennen des Weltalls statt. Redline - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | lovepatiala.com Mit einem normalen Rennfilm hat das hier kaum noch etwas zu tun. 4. Fazit >​Redline<. Ein Film wie ein Trip. Man wird erschlagen von dem, was einem hier gegen.

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Redline English Dub

Redline TV brings you Indigenous-focused film, television and content from around the world. Watch % free in $ a month after day free trial Gift This View All Start Browsing Watch from anywhere No television provider needed and you . Redline est un film réalisé par Takeshi Koike avec les voix de Takuya Kimura, Yû Aoi. Synopsis: La course de voitures clandestine la plus difficile et la plus mortelle de l'univers vient de Actors: Kanji Tsuda. In the far distant future, when cars are being replaced by hover cars, there are fools who carry on racing with a vanishing spirit. Redline Wiki contains information about the anime movie Redline (). Feel free to edit the articles. When uploading images, be sure to fill out the licensing information. Although this wiki will mostly focus on the anime movie, manga and novel .
Redline Film
Redline Film Die drei dekadenten Millionäre Infamous, Jerry und Michael vertreiben sich die Zeit damit, Unsummen auf illegale Autorennen in superteuren Karossen mit gemieteten Fahrern zu verwetten. Natasha führt eine kleine Werkstatt, in der diese Wagen getunt. Redline ist ein US-amerikanischer Actionfilm, der im Jahr veröffentlicht wurde. Regie führte Andy Cheng, welcher bereits als Stunt- und Actionkoordinator. Redline - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | lovepatiala.com Takeshi Koikes hochgelobter Anime spielt in der fernen Zukunft. Konventionelle Autos sind durch mehrrädrige, fliegende Fahrzeuge ersetzt worden. Alle fünf. Redline () IMDb 1h 42min 18+ A daredevil driver and his secret love face off in the most dangerous and exciting car race in the universe. Takeshi Koike (THE ANIMATRIX) directs and animates this high-speed thrill. With Redline, the startling mix of color, flatness, and fluid movement - I don't want to harp on it, but this is extraordinarily smooth for Japanese animation, especially in the effects-heavy sequences (and this is a film with a lot of effects) - is all in service to creating something wild and excessive, a movie that isn't merely going over the edge, but wants us to be constantly aware of how far out we're dangling. Redline is a American racing action-thriller film starring an ensemble cast. The film's plot is centered on a street racing circle funded by a group of multimillionaires who wager millions of dollars over their high-powered supercars. It was written and produced by Daniel Sadek, who also used his own automobile collection in the film. Redline (レッドライン, Reddo rain, stylized as REDLINE) is a science fiction auto racing anime film produced by Madhouse and released in Japan on October 9, The directorial debut feature of Takeshi Koike, it features the voices of Takuya Kimura, Yū Aoi and Tadanobu Asano, and an original story by Katsuhito Ishii, who also co-writes and sound directs. Set in a galaxy far, far away, “Redline” first roared its way into Japanese theaters on Oct. 9, It starred a cast of scrappy aliens competing in a series of anything-goes races in. Plot Keywords. The film's failure further Fear The Walkingdead the situation. When the driver that supposedly killed her father miraculously shows up at the end to race against her, from out of nowhere it cemented the previous 21.09.18. Marcus Cheng. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Soreyuke Koshinuke Dreammachine Tokyo Babylon — ZetsuaiBattle Angel Mermaid's Scar The CockpitSlipstream segment Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals Phantom Quest Corp. Runtime: 97 min. Diggs Hal Ozsan A critical and financial failure at the box office, Redline Film film is most notable for being funded by subprime loans issued by Sadek's company, Aktuelle Trendfrisuren Loan Funding, which closed its doors in the wake of the subprime mortgage crisis. As the racers rest at the end of the race amidst the ruins of Roboworld, JP and Sonoshee float back down The Colony the ground kissing and thus declaring their love for each other. Running time. Just watch it when it comes out on Hacksaw Ridge Online Subtitrat in a couple years. Bill Butler. Allerdings schafft es Carlo, während Maxx Nfl Rennen bereits läuft, Nats Mutter zu befreien, was er dieser sofort telefonisch mitteilt. Infamous Tim Matheson Attempting to avoid the falling Diablo, Natasha crashes on a barrier and is knocked unconscious.
Redline Film
Redline Film

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Redline Film

Tisha Michael Hagiwara Taglines: Fear Nothing. Risk Everything. Genres: Action. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The title "Redline" was one of the working titles of The Fast and the Furious Goofs After Infamous boots Mianda off his private plane, the jet is seen taking off about 50 to feet behind her.

In reality, a private jet that size would need to take off in at least 1, feet. A jet wouldn't take off in the distance shown in the movie. Quotes [ first lines ] Natasha Martin : There are cars that get you from point A to point B.

And then there are cars that get you from point A to point B really fast. Fast cars cost big money, and with millions of dollars at stake, there are people who'll do anything to win.

People who take risks and never play it safe. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Which car featured has the top speed?

Edit Details Official Sites: MySpace. Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: min. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital DTS. Color: Color.

Edit page. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. R 1h 37min Action , Sci-Fi 26 September Japan. Available on Amazon.

Added to Watchlist. The Rise of Daniel Kaluuya. Mark Dacascos. Rutger Hauer. Best Sci-Fi 'B' movies. Min Filmdatabase. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Show HTML View more styles. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Rutger Hauer John Anderson Wade Mark Dacascos Marina K.

Mishka Randall William Cook Vanya the Special Prosecutor Michael Mehlmann Assistant Prosecutor as Istvan Kaizsai John Thompson JP initially turns down the money but a crowd of reporters storms the hospital room where JP learns that he has been voted by popular demand for the Redline following the dropout of two qualifiers due to the revelation of the race's location as being on Roboworld—a planet dominated by militant zealot cyborgs whose President has threatened on interstellar television to hang all involved with the Redline mothership if it appears out of hyperspace over their planet.

The broadcast sent over the race's thousands of satellites also exposes the secret weapons Roboworld has built-up against treaties.

The President obtains a verbal oath from Colonel Volton to fight to the death to protect Roboworld and the M-3 Nebula.

Old Man Mole also protests the presence of Frisbee on their team and his insistence on using a rare uncontrollable hyper-powered engine, but eventually gives in to JP's convincing.

JP finds Sonoshee in the slow hours of the Oasis Restaurant on the moon. Shinkai, formerly of the Roboworld army, shows up at the Oasis when racer Little Deyzuna, a recently AWOL subordinate of Col.

Volton, attacks Shinkai's partner, Trava. The Redline favorite, Machinehead, a tall menacing but ultimately well-mannered cyborg, appears, and is attacked by a sobbing Little Deyzuna, who is retrieved by Col.

Machinehead confronts Volton for being in the de-militarized zone. Volton reminds the racer any Redline event will be repelled by the army and police before leaving the damaged restaurant.

Fireworks celebrations and bookmaker agent desks break out on Roboworld despite the threats from the military, and are raided by deadly android police robots.

Miners on Roboworld use their power suits to sabotage the military base's power station while the Race Commission, which promotes gambling, hires Earth-native racing partners Lynchman and Johnny Boya to sabotage the Orbital Disintegration Cannon, which Secretary Titan plans to use to destroy the Redline mothership the instant it comes out of hyperspace.

While in hyperspace, the Princess from the planet Supergrass marks the race course on the military base with a pair of scout vessels, with the starting line to the north at the Knock-out Tower and the finish line to the south, east of DEST Tower.

Unaware of the sabotage against the Orbital Disintegration Cannon, the President realizes the racers are on the planet after the cannon fails, and sends his troops en masse at the racers.

The President becomes increasingly desperate as the racers evade them and approach the mine-laden Zone XXXXXXX pronounced, "Seven-Ex" , lair of a secret illegal biological weapon named 'Funky Boy', who awakens from its stasis as the racers and the rebellious miners converge on it.

With the several hundred foot tall Funky Boy awakening and subsequent destruction of the base coinciding with the orbital cannon coming back online, the President orders Funky Boy fired upon.

The explosion takes out most of the Roboworld troops while JP pushes to right his overturned car off its side.

Sonoshee, her vehicle totaled, agrees to ride with him to the finish line as Funky Boy regenerates. Funky Boy is taken out by Col. Volton, who had to dangerously merge physically with another bioweapon to do so.

Frisbee watches the race on several televisions parked atop a mesa in the mob boss's giant Cadillac hovercraft, where he revives the same deal as Yellowline.

Frisbee however, refuses to detonate the explosive charge this time, wanting to see his friend win 'the big one' just one time. He is attacked by mobsters for his decision but is saved by Old Man Mole - who discovered Frisbee's sabotage - and shoots and kills the mob boss and his lackeys with a double barrel flechette firing shotgun.

As the race nears the finish line, Machinehead and JP race to the southern line boosted by their rare Steamlight boosters.

As they come to a desperate neck-and-neck finish, a drunken Old Man Mole accidentally detonates Frisbee's remote detonator, propelling JP and Sonoshee towards the finish line, thrown from their vehicle.

The boost is enough and JP wins by the length of his long duck tail pompadour. As the racers rest at the end of the race amidst the ruins of Roboworld, JP and Sonoshee float back down to the ground kissing and thus declaring their love for each other.

Machinehead who vowed to win but comes in second sees the romance and his rage turns to laughter, happy with the outcome anyway.

The other racers, who all survived as well, laugh with him as they are also happy with the outcome. Michael verliert daraufhin seinen sämtlichen Besitz und kann auch die Schulden bei seinem Geschäftspartner nicht bezahlen, was ihn in enorme Schwierigkeiten bringt.

Was genau mit ihm passiert, bleibt offen. Und richtig gute Autos, tja, die bringen meistens Ärger. Insgesamt kostete die Produktion von Redline 26 Millionen Dollar.

Viele der im Film benutzten Autos stammen aus dem Privatfuhrpark des Produzenten Daniel Sadek. Die meisten der im Film gezeigten Unfälle sind echt und nicht am Computer entstanden.

Für Aufsehen sorgte Infamous-Darsteller Eddie Griffin , als er bei Übungsrunden für ein Charity-Rennen auf dem Toyota Speedway at Irwindale , durch das der Film promotet werden sollte, einen im Eigentum von Sadek stehenden Ferrari Enzo gegen eine Mauer fuhr und dabei stark beschädigte.

Drehorte des Films waren Las Vegas , Los Angeles und Santa Clarita. Das Dialogdrehbuch stammt von Thomas Maria Lehmann. Kategorien : Filmtitel US-amerikanischer Film Actionfilm.

Film vormerken. Die Mischung allerdings ist bombastisch. Bei einer Bosbach Politiker in Infamous' Freitag Der 13 Neuer Film GT bemerkt dieser Natashas Potential als Fahrerin, und versucht sie daraufhin für ein privates Rennevent in der Nähe von Las Vegas zu engagieren.

Redline Film

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