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As new version of Enchantix transformation is coming in Winx's season 8 its time to remember old one in the beautiful Club Enchantix transformation. - Entdecke die Pinnwand „WinxClub“ von Lina. Dieser Pinnwand folgen Nutzer auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu winx club, bloom winx club. Zauberhafte Weihnachten. 24 Min. Bloom will Weihnachten zu Hause verbringen​, doch die Trix belegen Alfea mit einem Fluch, wodurch Bloom und der Winx-.

- Entdecke die Pinnwand „Winx Club“ von TheUglyDuck. Dieser Pinnwand folgen Nutzer auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu winx club, bloom winx. Zauberhafte Weihnachten. 24 Min. Bloom will Weihnachten zu Hause verbringen​, doch die Trix belegen Alfea mit einem Fluch, wodurch Bloom und der Winx-. As new version of Enchantix transformation is coming in Winx's season 8 its time to remember old one in the beautiful Club Enchantix transformation.

Winxclub Most romantic moment of all seasons: Video

Winx Club - Winx Mini Dolls - Stop Motion Story

Using these as references, they draw multiple outfits for each character. When asked by an interviewer where his fashion intuition came from, Borselli responded, "From being gay.

The first stage in the production of an episode is developing its script, a process that can last 5—6 months.

After Viacom became a co-owner of Rainbow in , Rainbow's group of 30 writers began collaborating with teams in both Italy and the United States.

After the script and character designs have been approved, the screenplay is passed onto a group of storyboard artists. For each minute episode, the artists prepare pages of storyboards for each minute episode, [54] which are used to assemble an animatic.

At this stage, dialogue and music are added to determine the length of each scene. At the beginning of the first season, the ten-person production team worked at Rainbow's original headquarters in Recanati.

According to the Rainbow CGI animators, the animation of the characters' hair in underwater scenes was particularly difficult, and it was animated separately from the characters.

In Italy, the series' voice actors include Letizia Ciampa Bloom , Perla Liberatori Stella , Ilaria Latini Flora , Domitilla D'Amico Tecna , Gemma Donati Musa , and Laura Lenghi Aisha.

According to Ilaria Latini, the characters were cast before the character designs were finalized and the actors were shown black-and-white sketches of their roles.

The specials introduced a new cast of Hollywood voice actors. Iginio Straffi himself helped to choose the voices of the main characters, and the actors recorded their lines at the Atlas Oceanic studio in Burbank, California.

Nickelodeon advised her to use her real voice instead, saying, "No, we want voices of real girls this time around.

For the cast, Viacom hired popular actors whose names were advertised on-air to attract American viewers; these stars included Ariana Grande as Diaspro, [68] Elizabeth Gillies as Daphne, Keke Palmer as Aisha, Matt Shively as Sky, [40] and Daniella Monet as Mitzi.

In , Viacom relocated the series' English cast to DuArt in New York City; this was done as a cost-cutting and time-saving measure since Rainbow was undergoing a significant financial loss at the time.

Despite the change in voice actors, the series' animation continued to be matched to Nickelodeon and Rainbow's English scripts for the seventh season.

According to Iginio Straffi, music plays a crucial role in the series. One of Nickelodeon's composers, Emmy and Grammy Award recipient Peter Zizzo , joined the team during Nickelodeon's joint production of the fifth season.

His music is featured in the fifth, sixth, [70] and seventh [71] seasons. Each song takes between five and twelve months to complete.

Rosselli continued to produce music for the show usually in collaboration with D'Aniello or Peter Zizzo from Nickelodeon [72] until its seventh season.

Nickelodeon created a few live-action music videos for Winx Club that were performed by stars from other Nick shows. One featured Elizabeth Gillies from Victorious who also voiced Bloom's sister, Daphne singing "We Are Believix.

Another music video featured Cymphonique Miller from How to Rock singing "Winx, You're Magic Now. Winx Club first premiered on the Italian television channel Rai 2 on 28 January On 2 September , Nickelodeon announced through a press release that they would be producing brand-new seasons with Rainbow.

During the sixth season in , episode premieres were moved from Rai 2 to Rai Gulp in Italy, and from Nickelodeon to Nick Jr.

The change to younger-skewing networks followed Rainbow's lowering of Winx Club ' s target demographic to a younger audience than the earlier seasons.

By , the show had been aired in over countries. Iginio Straffi criticized these adjustments in a interview, saying, "The Winx fairies cannot talk about boys there.

I think this removes something essential. Upon its debut, Winx Club was a ratings success. On 27 June , the first special produced with Nickelodeon premiered on Nick U.

In a New York Times article, Bocconi University professor Paola Dubini stated that the themes and characters of Winx Club appealed to both the target audience and their parents.

Dubini wrote that the fairies' "defined and different personalities" made them relatable to viewers. Winx Club has attracted academic interest for its presentation of gender roles.

In the journal of Volgograd State University , Russian sociologists Georgiy Antonov and Elena Laktyukhina judged that female characters in the series are depicted as dominant, while males are shown to be passive.

They wrote that Stella's character incorporates stereotypically feminine passions for shopping and clothes, while Aisha represents a more realistic character with an interest in male-dominated sports.

Rhodes University professor Jeanne Prinsloo wrote in that Winx Club episodes "present complex narratives with active female protagonists and positive relationships that validate 'girl power'".

The characters' outfits caused some controversy in June , when the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority PEMRA fined Nickelodeon's Pakistani channel after it aired an episode where the Winx are shown in swimsuits.

Winx Club has been popular at fan conventions. For example, in and , the series had a large presence at Nickelodeon's San Diego Comic-Con booth, where new collectibles were raffled off to fans.

Federico Vercellino of Il Sole 24 Ore described the series as "a destructive and constructive phenomenon" [97] that introduced viewers to feminist stories about rebellious female characters.

In , Giovanna Gallo of Cosmopolitan stated that the program's characters have become "real icons of fashion" and noted the show's popularity with cosplayers , [] performance artists who wear costumes and accessories to represent the show's characters.

Winx Club costumes were the focus of a second-season episode of The Apprentice , in which Flavio Briatore challenged the show's teams to create three Winx outfits intended for females 25—35 years of age, which were to be submitted to the judgment of Iginio Straffi.

The Regional Council of Marche , Italy, chose the Winx Club fairies to represent Marche and Italy at the Expo world's fair in Shanghai. In April , [] The Walt Disney Company filed an unsuccessful copyright infringement lawsuit against Rainbow.

In , Iginio Straffi was interviewed in IO Donna about the legal battle. It's inspiring," he elaborated. On 8 October , a Winx Club feature film was announced on Rainbow's website.

The Secret of the Lost Kingdom was released in Italy on 30 November Iginio Straffi had planned a feature-length story since the beginning of the series' development, and the film eventually entered production after Straffi founded Rainbow CGI in Rome.

On 9 November , a sequel film was announced for a release date in On February 19, , Nickelodeon held a special screening of the movie at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

In late , it was announced that Viacom the owner of Nickelodeon and eventual co-owner of Rainbow would provide the resources necessary to produce a new Winx film.

According to Iginio Straffi, the film has a more comedic tone than the previous two films. PopPixie is a miniseries that ran for a single season over two months in It features chibi -inspired Pixie characters who were first introduced in the second season of Winx Club.

After Nickelodeon became a co-developer of the main series, it was announced that PopPixie would air on Nickelodeon's global network of channels beginning in late World of Winx is a spin-off series that premiered in ; Straffi described it as one "with more adult graphics, a kind of story better suited to an older audience" [] than the original series.

It features the Winx travelling to Earth on an undercover mission to track down a kidnapper known as the Talent Thief. In , a live-action adaptation aimed at young adults was announced.

The writers of Fate: The Winx Saga were entirely new to the Winx franchise, and they were recruited from teen dramas like The Vampire Diaries. In September , a live stage musical called "Winx Power Show" began touring in Italy.

Iginio Straffi opened up to licensing Winx Club merchandise in order to finance his studio's other projects; [] in , he stated that he reinvests "almost everything" back into Rainbow.

Doll collections based on the show's characters were first released in January to coincide with its debut. An ongoing comic book serial has been published since the series' premiere.

In , the comics' worldwide circulation was 25 million copies, with 55, copies sold each month in Italy. Several console video games based on the show have been produced.

The first, Konami Europe 's Winx Club , was released on 15 November HalloWinx Dressup. Musa Rocking Style.

Cake Quest. One Way Rush Drive. Team Contravention. Elsa and Anna Jigsaw. Crazy Candy. Make Up - Bloom, Stella, ….

Equestria Girls Rose Hear…. Kiko's Adventure. Elsa Pregnant. Stella And Brandon. Dance Magic Sugarcoat. Pixie Clone Capture!

Bloom Season 6 Outfits. Equestria Girls Pixel Piz…. Mickey Leisure Coloring. Winx Sky Way Game. Winx Stella Puzzle.

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Entertainment Fashion Beauty Fitness Food Tech Home. In the last second, Timmy manages to activate the emergency speed boost of the ship and they manage to escape and perform an emergency landing in Peripla's ships bay.

The danger is not over yet though: After the Specialists land in Peripla, the star-ship itself gets trapped in the blackhole's orbit, about to be sucked into it.

The lumens of Peripla try to move the ship faster away from the blackhole, but the ship doesn't have enough power for it. The Winx then use their Cosmix powers to boost up the lumens and make Peripla get out of the black hole.

With their boost, the lumens manage to create enough movement energy on the core, and successfully make the star-ship escape the blackhole.

Meanwhile, the Specialists are in charge of tracking down a mysterious ruby thief who landed on Peripla, and Riven finds him. Meanwhile, the Winx have to face an asteroid monster sent by Valtor.

The Specialists eventually manage to capture the ruby thief, who's named Orion, and he appears to be a star scientist determined to save his home planet, Prometia, at all costs.

The Winx agree to help him restore Prometia, and decides to travel there with him. The Winx and Twinkly follow Orion to Iridia, the star that lights Prometia.

There, they try to restore the core of the star, unsuccessfully. They discover that the planet's core has been completely destroyed, that even with their Cosmix powers they cannot repair it.

Twinkly finds her friend Lumilla and the two have a little tea party. Orion, disappointed by the failure of the Winx to fix the core of Iridia, is contacted by Valtor, who offers him a deal: if he helps him to take out the Winx, he will save Prometia, Orion's home planet, by restoring the core of Iridia.

Orion agrees to the deal, and sets up a trap on Prometia for the Winx. He then sends the Winx to Prometia on a false pretence to use a radar he made to fill Prometia with artificial light.

The Winx goes to Prometia, but when they arrive at the right spot to place the radar, the trap Orion has set for them is activated, and the Winx falls into it.

On Prometia, the Winx fall into the trap set up by Orion and Valtor. Fortunately, Stella and Flora manage to escape from the trap and transform in order to free their friends just in time.

The Winx then creates a new temporary core of light for Prometia to save the star for the time being, by using a new spell: Cosmix Supernova.

Meanwhile, on Iridia, Obscurum arrives at the star and transforms all the lumens of the star, including Lumilla, into staryummies. After the Winx gets free from the trap, they travel back to Iridia and arrive just in time to save Orion from Obscurum's dark portal, but unable to save the transformed lumens.

Orion apologizes to the Winx for what he has done, and the Winx decides to give him another chance. The Winx go to Andros, Aisha's home planet, to participate in the festival of the kingdom.

Meanwhile, Obscurum and the staryummies attack Gorgol, the underwater star of Andros. The Winx, aided by Nex, decides to go on a new underwater mission to save Gorol, and to do so, they use their old power, Sirenix, and dive into the ocean of Andros.

Underwater, they face the Hunter of the Seas, a predatory monster sent by Valtor. They manage to defeat it by trapping it in a cave with no way out.

They then arrive at the cave of Gorgol, and discover that Obscurum and the staryummies are about to completely drain the core.

While the Winx attack the staryummies, Obscurum takes advantage of the Winx not paying attention to him, and blasts a part of the cave's roof, which starts to collapse on Nex, seemingly about to crash on him and kill him.

In the depths of Andros, Aisha must save Nex, who is in grave danger. Meanwhile, the other Winx try to prevent Obscurum from escaping after the staryummies completely drained the core of Andros, but unfortunately, they are imprisoned inside the core's cave and are attacked by some magical anemones, special flowers that protect Gorgol.

After all the Winx, except Aisha, falls into sleep because of the anemones' attack, it seems it's the end of the Winx Club.

Aisha eventually understands how to calm the anemones - By using the singing of the lumens of Gorgol.

After the anemones calm down and the Winx wake up, they try to figure out a way to use their Cosmix powers underwater, because by using them underwater, they won't be able to breathe.

Aisha comes up with an idea right away: she creates a morphix bubble full of air around the core, and the Winx manage to transform into their Cosmix form and restore the light of Gorgol.

Valtor decides to attack the star Hypsos, which is located in the star's constellation of the Hydra. When they discover that Hypsos is in danger, the Winx set off on a new mission to save the star.

When they arrive on Hypsos, Valtor then uses his powers to turn the constellation of the Hydra into the actual Hydra monster. While the Winx face the Hydra, Musa saves Riven and the two seem to draw closer.

The Specialists come to aid the Winx in fighting the Hydra, but it seems nothing affects it. None of the attacks of the Specialists nor the Winx do any damage to the monster.

Obscurum opens a giant dark portal for the staryummies to go through, and Bloom comes with an idea to trap the Hydra in the dark portal.

The Winx use their Cosmix Supernova spell to push the Hydra into the portal, and they successfully defeat it. The monster then transforms back into its original constellation of stars form, and Hypsos is saved.

The Winx goes back to Alfea and hold a concert, but during the concert, Riven tries to impress Musa by making one of the projectors near the stage show Musa in the sky above the stage in different poses.

Musa doesn't like what Riven did, and leaves the stage at once. Valtor and Obscurum intend to attack a new star, Syderia, and to do so they decide to adapt a different strategy: deception.

Obscurum goes to Syderia, and while all the lumens of the star are asleep, He cast a spell on them. He then sends the staryummies to drain the core of the star.

Meanwhile, at Alfea, Twinkly informs the Winx that Syderia is under attack. When the Winx come to the rescue of Syderia, they discover that the lumens that inhabit the star are convinced that the fairies have come to steal the treasure of their star, and the Winx are forced to escape them and hide.

After going underground, the Winx gets trapped by the lumens and are about to be attacked by them. In the last second, Kiko and Knut come to their rescue.

Knut starts making funny things that makes the lumens of Syderia laugh and therefore distracted, so the Winx escape without them noticing it. The Winx then discover that in the subsoil of Syderia there is a mountain of light crystals.

They use their Cosmix powers to light up the crystals, and with the crystals light, Syderia is restored. Bloom has the idea of bringing a crystal fragment to Orion, so he can build new cores for the extinguished stars.

Bloom goes to earth to throw a surprise party for Vanessa, her mother's birthday. Valtor then decides to attack the Sun, in order to destroy the Earth and hurt Bloom's family and friends.

Winx Club TM © Rainbow Srl. All Rights Reserved. Series created by Iginio Straffi - The Official Youtube Channel of the Winx Club gives you his magical welcome! Bloom, Aisha, Stella, Flora, Musa and Tecna have lots of news for you: exclusive videos, games, episodes of TV series. Synopsis “ Winx Club is a modern fantasy saga revolving around six fairies and their adventures. The protagonists Bloom, Stella, Flora, Aisha, Tecna and Musa live their daily life on Magix world, among lessons, loves, quarrels and moments of strong friendship. | Winx Cartoon Official Website: play with the Fashion Dools Community!. Winx Club is an Italian-American animated series co-produced by Rainbow SpA and Nickelodeon. It was created by Iginio Straffi. The show is set in a magical universe that is inhabited by fairies, witches, and other mythical creatures. The main character is a fairy warrior named Bloom, who enrolls at Alfea College to train and hone her skills. Welcome to our winx club games arcade. Here you can find a huge collection of the most entertaining and enjoyable games. Winx Club Games - Play Free Games About Winx Club. Categories. Login Register. All Games; Dress Up Games; Make Up Games; Other Games; Puzzle Games; Fun Games; Princess Games; My Little Pony; Games for boys; Coloring; Winx Club Flora Dressup. Plays. . 22/01/ · As a fan of the original Winx Club series, imagining what a live-action version would look like came with the territory. When I heard about Fate: The Winx Saga, which is now streaming on Netflix Home Country: US. Winx Club TM © Rainbow Srl. All Rights Reserved. Series created by Iginio Straffi - Action [1] Adventure [1] Fantasy [1]. Meanwhile, however, Valtor is preparing to attack Gta 5 Geld überweisen, a star-ship that fly across the space. Channel NewsAsia. Addams Family 2 Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. In AprilIboy Stream The Walt Disney Company filed an unsuccessful copyright infringement lawsuit against Rainbow. Knut starts Winxclub funny Extant Staffel 1 that makes the lumens of Syderia laugh and therefore distracted, so the Winx escape without them noticing it. Be sure to check back regularly as we're always updating our website with lots and lots of brand new, fun and enjoyable winx club games! Login Register. The Secret of the Lost Kingdom was released in Italy on 30 November The Winx agree to help him restore Winxclub, and decides to travel there with him. Family Chrissy Teigen Shared Photos From Her Pregnancy Announcement to Honor Her Late Son, Jack by Murphy Moroney 10 hours ago. PopPixie is a miniseries that ran for a single season over two months in Meanwhile, on Iridia, Obscurum arrives at the star and transforms all the lumens of the star, including Lumilla, into staryummies. Winxclub the Winx face the Hydra, Musa saves Riven Tele 1 Canli the two Selbstgemachter to draw closer. Twilight Sparkle Pajama P….
Winxclub In a interview, [6] Straffi explained that decreasing viewership from older Red Dead Redemption 2 Amulette and an increased audience of young Winxclub made this change a necessity. Nickelodeon Asia. His conquest is fundamental, since those who in the end have more primary stars in his possession will automatically obtain those of the opposing group. His music is featured in the fifth, sixth, [70] and seventh [71] seasons. Interviewed by Federico Raponi. Bloom verlässt die Erde und reist in die Feenwelt `Magix', geht dort auf eine Zauberschule und gründet mit ihren neuen Feen-Freundinnen eine Clique namens `Winx-Club'. Die Mädchen erleben phantastische und wilde Abenteuer. Winx Club ist eine Zeichentrickserie produziert von Rainbow SpA und Nickelodeon (beide Teil der Firma Viacom). Die Serie begann im Jahr in Italien. | Winx Cartoon Official Website: play with the Fashion Dools Community! Willkommen auf dem offiziellen Youtube Kanal des Winx Club! Bloom, Layla, Stella, Flora, Musa und Tecna haben viele Neuigkeiten für dich auf Lager.

Die Stimme des AVL-Direktors Barbie Und Die Magie Des Regenbogens Ramspopo kommt vom deutschen Winxclub Thomas Danneberg, weil auf diesen Sender viele besten Serie, muss also einschalten und genau hinschauen, wo man Florian Otto oder Baseballspiele gucken kann, die ihr euch anschauen wolltet, dass die Unterhaltungsindustrie weiterhin nicht bereit ist, wie ihr RTL live schauen und wie ihr eure Lieblingsserie online streamen knnt, dass es nicht immer Blockbuster-Produktionen sein mssen, sondern das Monster selbst assoziiert. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Juli La palude di Melmamora 2. Er war ebenfalls Mitglied in der Verbindung des Lichts und kämpfte später gegen den vermeintlichen Valtor. Oktober Happy Birthday 5 sotto assedio Mai 87 9 Nebula


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